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Nondiscrimination and Harassment Policies

Board of Education Policy AC-C MSBA Policy Non-Discrimination Policy

Board of Education Policy AC-R MSBA Policy Non-Discrimination Compliance Grievance Procedure


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Anti-Discrimination Law Compliance - As a political subdivision, employer, recipient of federal funds and educational institution, the Board of Education is prohibited from, and hereby declares a policy against, engaging in unlawful discrimination, including harassment creating a hostile environment, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age or use of leave protected by the Family an Medical Leave Act, in its programs, activities and with regard to employment.  The Board is an equal opportunity employer .

Compliance Officer Appointment - To ensure that these obligations are met, the Board designates the Superintendent/Principal to act as the district's nondiscrimination law compliance coordinator, who shall also be the appointee for all laws specifically mandating such an appointment.

Phelps County R-III School Distict Board Members

Misty House, President, 2020

Misti Wilson, Vice President/Treasurer, 2020

Caroline Bradford, Board Member, 2021

Sherryl Burrus, Board Member, 2022

Amanda Busque, Board Member, 2021

George Robbins, Board Member, 2022

Vacant Position, 2020

Lahne Black, Board Secretary

John Fluhrer, Superintendent/Principal



Contact information is as follows:

Caroline Bradford, 573-435-6634 or 573-578-6634 carobrad(at)

Sherryl Burrus, 573-368-9903 sherryl.burrus(at)

Amanda Busque, 573-578-3111 amanda.busque(at)

George Robbins, 573-308-5882

Misti Wilson, Vice President, 573-308-5191 mistiw74(at)

Misty House, President, 573-368-0613, house4es(at)






Complaint Procedures


The Board recognizes that there may be situations that arise for parents/guardians or the public where complaints need to be brought to school.  The following complaint procedures are to be followed by persons with questions or concerns regarding the operation of the school district. 

1) Complaints on behalf of individual students should be brought to the teacher first.

2) Unsettled matters from (1) should be brought to the principal/superintendent

3) If a matter cannot be settled through steps (1) and (2) then it should go to the Board of Education.  Questions and comments in written form should be brought to the Secretary of the Board for discussion at the next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting, or an individual hearing if necessary.  The Board of Education will have the final decision making authority. 


Complaints regarding administration of Federal Programs may follow the above schedule and if not resolved may moved further to DESE or the National Education Department.