Special Education 5-8

 Special Education Teacher/ Service Cord.

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Letter from the Teacher

Dear Parents and/or Guardians: 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all that you do! The impacts of school closures and the COVID-19 virus on our world and communities are inconceivable. That being said, as a teacher, you and your child have been the center of my thoughts and worries. For that reason, I created these pages for you the parents and your child. We (Mrs. Davis and myself) put these folders together. This can support students for many weeks, so please, spend time staying healthy, protecting your heart and family from  unnecessary anxiety, and let's collectively hope and pray for a safe and speedy end of this virus so that our schools can safely reopen. Below you will find directions on how to use their folders. Also, you will find a list of accommodations for your child while he/she is doing worksheet packets from the general education classroom in their folders. Please know that you can email me with any questions. I will be checking my email for the next couple of days. Then.....again if we don't come back after spring break. I have also included a possible schedule in your child's folder. This may assist you while you are assisting us with your child's education. Additionally, I have included a list of crafts on this web page below and a list of educational websites in your child's folder. One more thing... please stay well and get outside. Fresh air is a natural disinfectant. 


Monica Hagen 

Important Information

For the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday, March 18th and 19th)  I have assigned the following:

Language Arts: Finish MAP Practice Review

Math: 2 sheets of Math out of the Blue Folder daily

Reading: Read a Chapter Book

**** We are on Spring Break from March 20-March 29th. If we happen to be out after the 29th I will Update this page. However, we will follow the following schedule of work.

Language Arts: One Story and questions out of their Red Folders (informational text with questions) daily. They should restate the question in sentence form as well as give evidence based answers. 

Math: 2 sheets of Math out of the Blue Folder daily

Reading: Read a Chapter book

At-Home Activities For Kids During Coronavirus

Read some books.

Have a movie marathon.

Play board games.

Get outside 

Take a walk and look at what Spring is doing.

Plant a Garden

Do a puzzle.

Do a craft.

Put on a play.

Make your music video.

Write letters to friends and family.

Have your child help you cook something simple in the kitchen. 

Play outside with parent supervision. 

Help with chores. 

" We Are Each Unique and Beautiful... But, Together We Are A Masterpiece"