Junior High Language Arts/Librarian

Ms. Melanie Prugh


Weekly Newsletter:

News from Language Arts!

The Cardinal’s Claw:

This is a school newspaper written and published by our 7th Grade newspaper class. All papers published this year will appear in this section with a link to the document so you can see the wonderful job our students are doing in this Journalism based class!

Volume One:

Volume Two:

Volume Three:

Volume Four:

In the Classroom:

We will be finishing novels in all Language Arts classes this week and completing comprehension activities as we go along.

6th Grade: Fever, 1793
7th Grade: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
8th Grade: Touching Spirit Bear

I hope everyone has a great week and remembers to be respectful, responsible, and safe! 🙂

Remember to keep your child home if they are exhibiting COVID-19 type symptoms.

Spelling/Vocabulary Words:

These will NOT be a Spelling/Vocab test on FRIDAY this week! Spelling/Vocabulary tests will be over the novels we are reading in class. Students will be given a list of 10 words found in the chapters we will be reading in class together. For the test they will need to spell each word and then write sentences for each word so they can show their knowledge of the vocabulary.


No current homework pages to include here. When there are pages assigned from the Literature book or other homework instructions, they will be linked here for students to access from home.

6th Grade Work:

7th Grade Work:

8th Grade Work:

Helpful Links:

Here are some general websites and links to information to help your child be more successful in school! (This list is not complete, I will be adding to it.)