Special Education 5-8

Special Education 5-8

Mrs. Monica Hagen Special Education Teacher/Service Coordinator


Happy Fall!!!

This month we have started our book study. Each grade has been assigned a specific book that we will read and discuss in class. We will write a main idea paragraph after each reading and complete assignments on Google Classroom. During this time we will learn new vocabulary that pertains to our reading. Additionally, we will continue with our Literature lessons and apply them to our reading. After we finish our book study we will write a book report and do research that compliments the book study. Remember.. no weekly Pearson Reading test or Weekly Vocabulary Test while we are doing a book study. If you have any questions please feel free to call me or email me.

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Weekly Updates:


This week we are reading out of our Literature books. Remember we will not do weekly vocabulary or Pearson Test when we are reading. Instead we will concentrate on reading the book and the book’s vocabulary.


This week we continue to work on fractions.

“We Are Each Unique and Beautiful…But, Together We are A Masterpiece.”