Mission, Vision, and Collective Commitments


Our Mission Statement

Hard Work + Positive Attitude = Achievement

Our Vision

We the people of Phelps County R-3 Schools believe that:

  • All students are important.
  • All students can learn to their potential.

All students deserve respect and can respect others.

As teachers we are responsible for guiding and motivating students. We are responsible for student achievement and progress.

We can and should teach our students that self-discipline is the best discipline and can be learned by all.

Our Collective Commitments

  • We are committed to consistency and accountability for each student’s success.
  • We are committed to a safe, trusting and collaborative environment.
  • We are committed to high expectations for learning, behavior, and citizenship.
  • We are committed to quality communication and positive relationships with students, teachers, parents, and community.
  • We are committed to data-driven curriculum and instruction with real world applications.
  • We are committed to the physical, social, and emotional well-being of students.

Never Stop Exploring! 2022-2023